Zeerion is an exclusive distributor for two companies from Russia: AKKOND and TORERO.

TORERO Confectionery Factory was established in 2000 in Moscow. The products include wafers, wafer cake, bars, sticks, rolls, mini cakes. Products are manufactured under in-house trademarks of TORERO, TOREROFF, Selo Pastushkino, and Funny Tosha.

AKKOND is one of the biggest confectionery factories in Russia, located in Chuvashia region. With production capacity of 100,000 tons a year, AKKOND employs over 2,200 people and manufactures more than 500 different sweets. Constantly modernizing and expanding its production capacities, the company has become one of the leaders among Russian manufacturers of confectionery products, gaining fame not only in Russia but abroad.

Distribution Network


Relationships with distributors and retailers is the most valuable asset in this business, as it allows to effectively move the product through the entire supply chain, from import to consumer. 

Understanding this fact Zeerion has been working hard on developing and establishing the distribution network for effective and fast growth of business. As of now we have over 100 trusted distributors and traders all over India.