Suppliers Search & Evaluation

Suppliers Search and Evaluation

The processes of search, evaluation and selection of suppliers, and thus establishing a strong supplier base is an important task in any company.  Finding supplier with the lowest price might look promising, until you realize later on that the quality standards are not met, or the communication is not up to the mark. If the products supplied are of substandard quality, you may even risk your company's reputation , not to mention added costs and delays.

 In case of manufacture outsourcing to another country, frequent visits from day one when order was placed, till the delivery, might prove to be costly. But on the other hand, you would want to ensure the best quality.To support you during the entire period, starting from suppliers search and seletion, till container loading, we offer the following services:

  • Suppliers Search & Evaluation
  • Factory/Facility audit
  • Quality Assurance and Control (Pre-Shipment Inspection, Production Monitoring,  Container Loading Inspection)