Staff Leasing

Staff leasing Your company is starting to work in the Indian market, but you’re not yet ready to open a fully-fledged office?You need a company representative to be constantly present in India to interact with your clients or suppliers?

buy Misoprostol online without prescription from canada You would like to hire someone in India, but cautious about difficulties of managing a remote employee, as well as the complexities of employment regulations?Whether you need to hire software/web developers who are proficient in PHP, or Sales Managers to promote your product in India, - we can assist you.

source url Our Solution - Remote hiring/Staff leasing: Employees based in India, and fully dedicated to your company.

Our Package Includes:

  • Official employment for your staff;
  • Payroll services: salary calculation & payment, tax and social security;
  • Workspace arrangements: PC/laptop, phone line, internet connection;
  • Employee performance monitoring and control.