Staff Leasing

Staff leasing

Your company is starting to work in the Indian market, but you’re not yet ready to open a fully-fledged office?You need a company representative to be constantly present in India to interact with your clients or suppliers?

You would like to hire someone in India, but cautious about difficulties of managing a remote employee, as well as the complexities of employment regulations?Whether you need to hire software/web developers who are proficient in PHP, or Sales Managers to promote your product in India, - we can assist you.

Our Solution - Remote hiring/Staff leasing: Employees based in India, and fully dedicated to your company.

Our Package Includes:

  • Official employment for your staff;
  • Payroll services: salary calculation & payment, tax and social security;
  • Workspace arrangements: PC/laptop, phone line, internet connection;
  • Employee performance monitoring and control.